The Agency Of The Future

The Marketing Agency world continues to change and evolve.Just the other week, news broke that ZenithOptimedia UK will be going through a restructuring. There are rumors that Starcom MediaVest Group may also look to change things up in the UK. With every passing week, we hear more stories about Marketing professionals coming and going, departments... Continue Reading →


Can Social Media Be Trusted?

Have you ever asked a regular consumer where they get their information about your brands, products and services?A lot of brands have done this, but push this question a little bit further: when consumers let you know where they first heard about your brands, products and services, why not ask they how much they trusted... Continue Reading →

PR Is a Marketing Tool, Isn’t It?

In writing the above headline, I couldn't decide if the statement should be declarative, rhetorical or questioning....I went with the question only because I am uncertain of the answer. While it is clear to me that public relations (PR) is a form of propaganda (information representing the views of a group of people), which is... Continue Reading →

Has the Time Come?

Let's generalise the whole world population into two sects Male and Female.For days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries it has been felt that the male sect has been powering the world. For some time now the female sect has been trying (rather moving agressively) to turn the table the otherway (what's called the fight for... Continue Reading →

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