How To Hire A Marketing Agency

The process of hiring  a Marketing agency feels old... and somewhat broken. What used to be an experience about finding a true, valuable partner (someone who will sit there with the brand managers in the darkest of nights trying to get the brand just right) has morphed into a vendor/supplier type of relationship. Yes, there... Continue Reading →


Can Social Media Be Trusted?

Have you ever asked a regular consumer where they get their information about your brands, products and services?A lot of brands have done this, but push this question a little bit further: when consumers let you know where they first heard about your brands, products and services, why not ask they how much they trusted... Continue Reading →


Sometimes, I used to think what exactly is inspiration? I looked in the dictionary and thesaurus and found out that inspiration is similar with vision (which most people have), genius (hmm...maybe only a chosen few of us are), and also it's synonymous to influence (now, this really depends on the person and circumstances). But how... Continue Reading →

Putting down roots…

The natural world is continually changing, inspiring us and a thing of true beauty and pleasure to me…it is something I like to celebrate both when I am inside at home, as well as when I am out. I am a great believer in bringing the outside in, especially into the home environment and relish... Continue Reading →

The Colors Of Global Brand Identities

By evad in Articles, News, Trends Today, more than ever, companies need to separate themselves from others that share the same crowded marketplaces, and it is being done with branding and creating a unique and easily recognizable visual identity. The visual identity of a business can be one of its most valuable intangible assets, and... Continue Reading →

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