How important is reassurance!

While travelling today in the morning local train plying between Chatrapati Shivagi Terminus and Panvel, seated cozyly in my seat of the First Class compartment, listening to my music collection playing on my ipod.
We were at one of the many stations and the announcement goes “…. aas paas ke jagah dekhke baitehn…” (All passengers are requested to check their surroundings and fellow passengers when they board the train…. bla bla…)
Just as usual I didnot pay much attention to it…. but, all off a sudden an involuntary action occurred.. and I bent down to have a look below my seat.. and images of the 2007 train blast hit my mind…. Its then that I understood that how reassurance make the difference to a general public…. just like me even if 10 people in a train population of 1000, have looked around or been cautious it make a lot of difference…. most of the time we do not pay heed but some one would be… and all this was done by mere repetation of the
similarly when we look into most popular brands in India or on the global arena, we find a similar effect.
All brands that have been hammering their name and idea have done well in the market.
If you happen to disagree with my views please comment on the same.


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