Sales Promotional Strategies In Rural Market


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  1. Rural Markets go more by the fundamentals (need and want) whereas the urban markets are swayed by the sentimentals (desire and aspiration). For this, he used the example of the Bio-fresh TV made by Samsung. The print ad showed that watching the TV actually refreshes a person. In the initial stages, they made 1,80,000 TVs for the urban market and an equal number of televisions for the rural markets too. In terms of sales, all the TVs made for the urban markets were sold within 2 months, whereas only 60 TV sets were sold in the rural markets in the same period! This startled the Samsung executives. When they researched as to why the product did not attract the rural customers, they found that the ad did not resonate well with the rural consumers who said that red petals coming out from the TV screen defies their common sense. They felt that the ad was cheating them. But for the urban consumer, the red rose-petals signified life and energy.


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