Sensation Marketing: Attraction Marketing And The Power Of Positive Thinking

I would like to focus a little bit on the concept of attraction marketing. Two books that I have read, The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattle and Thought Vibration by William Walker Atkinson, focus on using positive thoughts to overcome the mental barriers that most people have to making money and becoming wealthy. Both of these books were written in the early 1900’s and still hold merit today.

I do not know how well the actual money attraction part works, since I have not seen any vast improvements to my income just by thinking positively about it, but I will say that having the proper mindset and focus about what you are doing makes it much easier to write things like this blog, articles, and advertisement emails.


If you have not had the opportunity to read either of these books yet, you need to take the time to do so. The Science of Getting Rich is probably the best known of the two, and was the inspiration for the most recent positive thinking book, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

According to Wallace D. Wattle, there is a substance that he refers to as the "thinking stuff" that makes up everything that is in the universe. Quantum physics theories now refer to the "thinking stuff" as dark matter.

Positive thinking uses what is referred to as creative thinking. Mr. Wattle’s theory can be broken down into 3 main parts:

1 – There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made, and in its original state exists in all areas of the universe.

2 – A thought in this thinking stuff will produce the thing imagined in that thought.

3 – A person can form things in his thoughts, impress that thought upon the thinking stuff, and cause the thing he thinks about to be created.

Using this theory, a person should be able to impress the thought of becoming wealthy onto the thinking stuff, thereby creating wealth for him.

Attraction marketing uses the same theory in the basic Think Rich, Be Rich idea. If a person has a strong enough, and clear enough desire to become rich, then he will become rich because the thinking stuff will create the circumstances needed for him to become rich.

Creative thought vs. Competitive thought.

Creative thought is defined as taking a certain thought (such as getting rich or finding that one special love), thinking about it in a determined fashion, and then holding that thought strongly enough to impress that thought onto the thinking stuff. This will cause the thinking stuff to create the circumstances for you to achieve whatever it is that you desire.

Competitive thought is defined as trying to force your thoughts and desires to work by competing against others for what you desire.

According to the theory outlined in The Science Of Getting Rich, using creative thought allows a person to come into direct mental contact with the thinking stuff, thereby causing the thinking stuff to move into action and create the circumstances necessary to cause that persons thoughts to become reality. Competitive thought stems from greed and envy, and causes the persons thoughts to be impressed onto the thinking stuff in a negative manner, producing negative results for that person.

According to Mr. Wattle, in order to receive the most benefit from impressing your thoughts on the thinking stuff, you need to have a firm image of the thing that you desire in your thoughts and continue to think about this thing in a creative manner. The more firmly you believe that this image is yours and is on its way to you, the more committed that thinking stuff will be in making the image yours.

Thinking in a negative manner, such as giving a lot of thought to poverty and lamenting on personal problems, will cause the thinking stuff to attract these negative thought to you – basically a person that thinks about poverty on a regular basis will remain in poverty, or someone who dwells on illness and disease will attract more illness and disease into his life. Competitive thought increases the negative emotions and thoughts that are impressed upon the thinking stuff.

Ganar dinero

This adds a fourth element to the basic concepts of The Science Of Getting Rich:

1 – There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made, and in its original state exists in all areas of the universe.

2 – A thought in this thinking stuff will produce the thing imagined in that thought.

3 – A person can form things in his thoughts, impress that thought upon the thinking stuff, and cause the thing he thinks about to be created.

4 – A person must pass from competitive thought to creative thought. This is the only way to be in harmony with the thinking stuff, which is always creative in spirit and never competitive.

Preparing To Receive What You Want

In order to receive the things that you want, the things that you have made your mental image of and impressed onto the thinking stuff, you need to be prepared for when it comes to you. This is not as difficult as it may sound, and mainly requires thinking and acting in a positive manner. According to Mr. Wattle, the following things need to be firmly believed and followed in order to receive what you want.

Each person that desires wealth must live and work in a manner that causes him to more than fill his present place.

In order to do this, the person must not only strive to be the best at what he does, but to be the best that he can be at what he does in his current business. If you are not happy in your current business and are thinking of making your riches in another business, you still need to be the best at what you do so that the business that you would like to be in will come to you more quickly.

When you more than fill you present place, then you will not have a choice except to move higher up. This is how nature works and evolution occurs. When an organism more than fills its present place, then it has no choice except to adapt to a higher plane of existence, and the same applies to people in business. Just being the best at what you do will only work to keep you in the same position that you are in, as your employer will have no reason to move you higher up if you make him more money doing what you do.

Keep in mind the purpose to get rich through realization of the mental image that you have formed in you mind.

Once you have formed the mental image of the life that you desire, and the wealth that goes with that life, then use your idle time to think strongly about that image, refine it, and perfect all of the pieces of the image. During your normal day, while working and interacting with others, keep this mental image in mind always. There is no need to daydream and dwell upon it all the time, since that will be done in your spare time. Just keep the image in your mind along with the belief that you desire and deserve this image.

Hold the thought of the mental image so that the impression will be communicated to everyone and everything you come into contact with.

Since everyone and everything in the universe is made up of the same thinking stuff, the more that you are able to impress the image of your desire on everything you come into contact with, the more the impression will be acted upon by the thinking stuff. Just remember that you do not need to think strongly about your image all of the time, just keep it in your mind once it has been fully formed.

Give to every person a use value in excess of the cash value received.

Depending on the type of business that you wish to enter, in order to receive the highest cash value for what you are giving, you must give a use value higher than the cash value received. This is especially true for the service type business, such as network marketing and online business that does not sell a specific product. A good example would be selling an ebook that tells others how to do something. The use value of the ebook should be higher than the cash value being asked for it – if the ebook is valued at $49.95, then the person buying the ebook should be able to expect more than $49.95 in return value for his investment..


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