Vanity Fair recreates classic movies of Alfred Hitchcock

There are no ads, but those photos are must. Vanity Fair magazine decided to recreate scenes from classic films of Alfred Hitchcock using contemporary actors.

The photos are part of the article “The 2008 Hollywood Portfolio: Hitchcock Classics”, which will be published in the March edition of the magazine.

The blog ohnotheydidnt scan and published the pictures. Check:

Charlize Theron em “Dial M For Murder” hitchcock-vf-09.jpg
Scarlett Johansson e Javier Bardem em “Rear Window” hitchcock-vf-08.jpg
Naomi Watts em “Marnie” hitchcock-vf-07.jpg
Keira Knightley e Jennifer Jason Leigh em “Rebecca” hitchcock-vf-06.jpg
Emile Hirsch e James McAvoy em “Strangers on a Train” hitchcock-vf-05.jpg
Renée Zellweger em “Vertigo” hitchcock-vf-04.jpg
Gwyneth Paltrow e Robert Downey Jr. em “To Catch a Thief” hitchcock-vf-03.jpg
Tang Wei, Josh Brolin, Casey Affleck, Eva Marie Saint, Ben Foster, Omar Metwally e Julie Christie em “Lifeboat” hitchcock-vf-02.jpg
Jodie Foster em “The Birds” hitchcock-vf-01.jpg
Seth Rogen em “North by Northwest” hitchcock-vf-11.jpg
Marion Cotillard em “Psycho”

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